We are team HobbyRobot from Hobby centrum 4 situated in Prague Czech Republic. Since 6 years ago we compete in FIRST LEGO League, which is a world-wide competition. This season our team number is #1555. Alongside FLL we also attend in several Regional robotics competitions. More about us…

Last year’s Into Orbit season was the most successful for us, we won the regional round in Prague, where we placed 1st in robot game and robot design, 2nd in research project and team cooperation. Thanks to the victory in Prague, we advanced to the Czechoslovak semi-final in Bratislava, where we placed 1st in robot design and 2nd in team cooperation. In the overall ranking we were on the 3rd place, which moved us to the final of Central Europe. The European finals took place in Bregenz, Germany, and we ended up in a beautiful 6th place. Thanks to our location, we have qualified for a global festival that took place in April in American Detroiot. In Detroit, our robot reached 10th place and became one of the 108 best teams. We also won last year’s Secret Mission.

City Shaper Season 2019/2020

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