Our team

Although each member is focused on something of their own, when we put our heads together, we complement each other and create a unique team. We always try to do our best, and even when things do not go according to our plans, we try not to ruin the work of one another.

Season 2017/18 – Hydro Dynamics as HobbyRobot #1223 & #4036

The team members: Matej – Captain, David – Programmer, Jirka – Engineer, Matej – Researcher, Simon – Researcher, Tomas – Mascot, Robert – Runner, Vojta – Innovator, Coaches: Tomas, Ondra, Tomas, Zdenek

Previous season

Season 2016/17 – Animal Allies as HobbyRobot #1717

The team members: Matej, David, Jirka, Matej, Simon, Tomas, Tomas, Pavel

Season 2015/16 – Trash Trek
as the team HobbyRobot #1349

Season 2014/15 – World Class
as the team HobbyRobot