Research project

FIRST LEGO League is not only a robotic competition. The all around evaluation of the teams consists of four parts – Robot Game, Robot Design, Teamwork and a Research Project. The goal of the research project is to do a research, come up with a new idea or enhance a current solution on a topic, that’s specified by the year’s theme of FLL. This Year it’s Animal Allies and as or allies we chose bats. In the beginning of schoolyear 2016 our team HobbyRobot started thinking what we could do to accomplish this year’s task. After a discussion with our parents and several experts we decided to help bats. We quickly found out, that the best way possible of getting people know about this problem is a bat shelter kit. Scroll down to see more!

What’s the problem

Bats are useful, they can get us rid of a big amount of insect. These days bats are losing their homes in crevices and cracks in walls of houses because of insulation work and attics reconstructions. Even hundreds of bats can die this way in one house. Our project makes awareness about this problem and at the same time offers a solution in form of a simple to build bat house kit, which everybody can make.

Bat house

The bat house kit is very easy to make. You can build it from scratch thanks to the drawings, plans and a detailed instruction manual. We also provide a nice video tutorial. Building the kit is not only an educational activity, but can be a fun afternoon activity for your whole family.


You want to build your own bat house? Great! We made you a detailed instruction manual on how to build the bat house. And if you are starting from scratch we have plans and dimension for every individual piece of the shelter which you will need. And how the manual looks like you might ask? Exactly like this…


We know that a paper manual is not always enough. That’s why we have made a video tutorial, which will lead your steps throughout the whole process of building the shelter. And if you get lost in the flood of screws and nails feel free to send us a message, we’re here to help you with the build.
Bat house video tutorial


Bat house kit

The kit not only contains all the materials needed to build the shelter, but also the instruction manual and bat droppings which ensures bats scent on the shelter and indicates it’s a sefe place to live to the bats flying around. We also provide you with publications from Czech society of bats conservation (ČESON). The manual in the set is not just an ordinary manual in the future on the backside of it, there will be a bat board game which you can play and you will also get some bat figures to play with.


Do you want one kit for yourself? Send us a message maybe we have some left…

Data from the Bat house online

It’s possible to extend the shelter with a set of sensors which monitor temperature and relative humidity inside and outside of the shelter. We also plan some kind of an indication whether the shelter is being occupied by a bat or not. This kind of data is extremely useful for experts who are interested into bats.

Initial solution consisted of two units – outdoor and indoor, which communicate with each other wirelessly via RF 433 MHz. This method has proved unsuitable and complicated current test version electronics therefore contains only one part, and electronics placed on the Bat house that communication uses Wi-Fi module.

Data is automatically uploaded to the site every 15 minutes…


What’s already done

Idea realization

Video tutorial

Information about bats in the kit

Electronics monitoring the bat house

Bat board game

Bat house kit

Instructions in EN and CZ language

Web page

Geocache “Bat house“

Sending data to a web


Project goals

There are dozens of similar projects – public information, web, etc. But this one is different. We have already done something about the problem. We offer public information, a fun way to help bats immediately, instructions and tutorials on how to make the shelter that everyone can use, webpage with a lot of information about bats, a geocache… And if you would remember just three most important facts about the project, it would be those three:

  • We don’t have only idea, we have a solution
  • The bat house kits can be used as a part of education in schools
  • Building the shelter is not only an educational activity, but also a great way to spend a family afternoon


Project success

1st place – Research Project
Regional round, Prague, Czech Republic

3rd place – Research Project
Semi Final CE Southeast, Debrecen, Hungary


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