Our Research project

FIRST LEGO League is not only a robotic competition. The all around evaluation of the teams consists of four parts – Robot Game, Robot Design, Teamwork and a Research Project. The goal of the research project is to do a research, come up with a new idea or enhance a current solution on a topic, that’s specified by the year’s theme of FLL. This Year it’s Hydrodynamics and we chose problems in households. In the beginning of schoolyear 2017 our team HobbyRobot started thinking what we could do to accomplish this year’s task. After a discussion with our parents and several experts we decided to minimise water consuption in households. We quickly found out, that the best way possible of getting people know about this problem is a water consumption kit. Scroll down to see more!


What’s the problem

Water is quite scarce in the world, but most parts of Europe have enough of it. But this may change in the near future due to climate change. People waste water needlessly, for example by washing dishes under running water. Those who try to save water often end up saving on very unimportant water uses (such as watering pants). We show them where they actually waste water, by  our simple kit, so they can save water more efficiently.



Our hydrowall is a prototype of our project in a typical bathroom. You can buy many sensors and a kit containing a hub which connect them together. Then you install the sensors, which can inform you about any problems you may have, such as a running toilet or if you leave water flowing during teeth cleaning. The hub can connect to your smartphone, so you won’t have to do anything complicated to access the data.


Sensor Kit

The hub kit contains a hub and a water flow sensor. That is the basic set which you need for operation. There are many sensors in the kit:

  • A flow sensor telling you how much water you use.
  • A flooding sensor, which can warn you if you might be flooding your neighbours.
  • A movement sensor on your toothbrush. It stops water when you brush your teeth. Letting water flow when brushing teeth is a major cause of wasting water.
  • A thermometer. When water is too warm, bacteria can growing in it. Data about water temperature is also very useful to experts.


Data from the Kit online

Initial solution consisted of two units – an Arduino and sensors. We code our own program, which connects them with Arduino. We then send it to our tablet and on website.


Project goals

There are dozens of similar projects – Softlink tried to measure the data and they placed them on the internet. But people were not interested much and only 8% of them noticed the project. Mereni online made simmilar solution, but only for bulding owners or bigger buildings. And EVodnik was designed to prevent water disasters. For example it is installed in něco.

Our porject on the other hand helps with everyday global water consuption in households. The project accounts for laziness, so the users do not have to do anything actively.

We have already done something about the problem. We offer public information, kit with sensors, webpage with a lot of information about saving water.

We want to stop unnecessary wasting of water. But we want to do so sensibly and in a way that could help anybody – buying our project pays off in a year. Here are the most important things about our project:

  • Saving water is no magic
  • We don’t have only idea, we have a solution
  • You will save water and money
  • You will have your water consuption under your control


Project success

1st place – Research Project
Regional round, Prague, Czech Republic

2nd place – Research Project
Semi Final CE Southeast, Lodz, Poland