Bee Squared

Bee Squared Robot


Bee² is the better brother from last year Bee. He  is still square, compact, light, durable and precise. His two medium motors stick out to place attachments on him easily. With his top colour sensor, he can detect an attachment and run the correct program. He has a better centre of mass, perfect wheels in the back and two steel balls. Bee² was born after many bot prototypes.



They are as compact as possible and  as simple. Colour coded for better manipulation and program detection. Every critical part is marked by red color so we don’t forget it. Every attachment has gone through serious testing.



We use Java (LejOS) instead of the traditional EV3-G. We made our own tool for making “runs” easier – Ride Generator. Our robot can drive straight with precision of 1.5 LEGO bricks. We use PID Regulators and gyros for more precise movement on the mat. Only one program with clean and intuitive menu for easy usage. Better and faster line alignment by measuring the lines angle.


Fun facts

We draw in CAD Bee² and every attachment. Bee² has exactly 608 parts. We tested how voltage influences sensors and motors and program speed. We have 10 seconds left in robot game. We can reliably make 625 points (real maximum).


If you would like to look at our robot design documentation, write us an e-mail at and we will reply you!