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FIRST LEGO League is not just a robotic competition. The overall team evaluation consists of four parts – Robot Game, Robot Design, Team Collaboration and Research Project. The aim of the research project is to explore the topic of the current FLL and propose improvements or new solutions. This year’s theme is City Shaper and we chose the problems of online bought items delivery and its impact on the traffic. We all don’t like waiting for our expensive delivery when we buy something online. Do we? So we started to think about why is it like that and how we could improve it. Scroll down to see what our project is all about!


What’s the problem

The biggest problem we found is that your items travel so much more distance than they need to. And that’s because they will not be delivered by the nearest car, but by a random one. Therefore the vehicles have to travel forth and back, which is very ineffective, expensive and unecological.


Inovative solution

Hence we tried to solve it. Our goal is to pool all vehicles from different companies in the city to all companies. Thanks to it, transportation will be more efficient, faster and more eco-friendly, while keeping the same costs that we currently have. Customers get their items sooner and cheaper. And smaller companies wouldn’t have to worry about deliveries.

Better Future



To achieve this, we invented a new transportation system, which we named RapiDery. It works by utilizing free space in cargo vans that are already driving in the city, delivering parcels. On their planned route they take a short detour and deliver the goods to the customer only within 30 minutes.



Our application will ensure this working. It’s pretty simple to use. Drivers get information about near orders around him. They can then decide if they want to accept it. Once the driver takes some order, the app will adjust the route, tells him where to go and what to transport. It will additionally provide him with essential data about cargo.

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It’s also really easy for you, as a customer. You will only get a new option for fast and efficient delivery on the website where you usually shop. You pay for the goods, and they land in front of your door just within 30 minutes.Rapidery Web



On a grander scale, RapiDery has a much more significant impact. If we engage enough courier services in our system, we can deliver 10% more items. And that’s 350 saved vehicles that would otherwise produce more harmful gasses and jam the traffic. In the end, we can save over hundreds of thousands of tons of C02.



We took a lot from Liftago, which is a Czech taxi pooling service. Recently they also started delivering small packages. So we talked with the CEO Ondřej Krátký about it, and we got very inspired. He explained to us how the real world is complicated and how we should proceed by small steps to success. Hence we would like to thank him for it.

Liftago Conference



  • We learned a lot from a courier service iDoDo – they were overcomplicating it too much. 
  • Taxi service Liftago started a similar project and that assured us it will work.
  • IT experts gave us many useful pieces of information about our future system.
  • From Alza.cz we learnt how e-shops can provide our service.
  • Zavezu.cz thaught us the legal aspect of it.


  • We video called with many other FLL teams from all around the world and talked about our projects and robots.
  • We emailed many transportation companies like DPD, PPL, Liftago, Alza.cz, etc.
  • We also shared our solution with directors of Free Time Activity Centres from all over the Czech Republic.