About Us

Since 2015, we've rapidly grown into one of the top FIRST® LEGO® League teams in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Our journey began with a small group of enthusiastic individuals united by a passion for robotics. Over the years, we've polished our skills, achieving top rankings in regional and national competitions and representing our country at international events like the FLL World Festival in Detroit, FLL International Open 2022 in Brazil, and FLL OICE 2018 in Hungary. We are a team of several enthusiastic children led by 4 adult coaches and mentors always pushing boundaries of what we can do.
But HobbyRobot is not solely about FLL. We are deeply committed to promoting STEM awareness and sparking passion for robotics among both young people and adults. Our activities extend to organizing summer camps, workshops, and various educational events throughout the year, inspiring teenagers and teachers to explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These efforts include hosting competitions, organizing hackathons, and presenting our work at major events like Maker Faire or Future Port Prague. We also offer training for educators, showing them how to integrate robotics into their curricula and use technology to engage students more effectively.



If you want to send us an e-mail: hello@hobbyrobot.team

HobbyRobot team
Bartákova 1200/4
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